Ranong : 8-raining and 4-sunny city,

           had a first Hokkian governor named Khaw Soo Cheang, who turned this area to be a tin mining town. This city is located on the west coast next to Myanmar. 

Since the city has raining more than sunny period, thus it’s called 8-raining and 4-sunny city. Moreover, plenty of natural hot springs, unique grassy mountains, high waterfalls, abundant forests and mangrove forests can be found here.
You can find it easy to commute to the islands on the Andaman’s side adjacent to Myanmar, together with tasty foods,
original local dishes, Chinese-Hokkian recipes and fresh seafoods. The combination between culture of Chinese Myanmar, 

and Thai allows people to be friendly and worry-free particularly by its uniqueness and attractiveness. 

This well-furnish small city “Ranong” is warmly welcomed you all.

Standard Rain / Superior 

Room with Pool access




Deluxe Sook and Deluxe Sabai


Family Room Friendly To All Family Members With Wheelchair Access


          The inspiration of Ranong style comes from the 100-year-old house “Tian Sue” the old governor building which can be found as a model in the local museum. The Phraburabhadhisa-ardorn house tells the stories from the past by its architecture and design. The valley of old town, its main roads, the old bricks, doors, windows as well as its domestic households are intentionally interpreted to hotel’s design. 

 We intend to convey the beauty of Ranong with the mixture of modern minimal and natural-base design. We highlight the eco-friendly sustainability and the original Ranong daily life as a 8-raining and 4-sunny city. Sook Hotel is willing to provide you the memorable and fruitful experience during your stay, surrounded by great food, clean weather, good exercise, and immersed with the typical nature and rich culture. We wish you a pleasant time here.








We’re committed to eco-friendly procedures as we will take care of our environments and leave no trash to others. We comply with the recycle process in order to reduce waste to the environment. Therefore

1.  We choose the glass water bottle for your hygiene   and other disposable containers

2.  We concern on the energy-efficiency in our    process to provide you with our service

3.  We ask for your kind cooperation for our internal waste management

 – Say “NO” to single used plastic

 – Reuse all utensils

 – Waste is another form of raw materials, 

   please do recycle

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